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My name is Mike Wolfcale and I am the Administrator for the Village of Middle Point. I would like to welcome you to the webpage, and to give you a little bit of history about the Village water and sewer plants.

The Village has been providing drinking water since 1936 to the residents of Middle Point. Each year we conduct over 1,600 tests for over 30 different contaminants. Tests that I am not certified to conduct are sent to Alloway Labs in Lima, which reports directly to the EPA.

Our well field is located North of the CSX railway, between Griswold St. and Dog Creek Rd. We have 2 wells on this property that operate on demand. The well to the west is approximately 230 ft. deep and the east well is approximately 130 ft deep.

The water plant produces on average between 40,000 and 60,000 gallons of drinking water each day.

The sewer plant is located East of town at 10299 Middle Point-Wetzel Rd. It was built around 1991 and treats approximately 40,000 gallons of waste each day.

Our sewer lines all run to one central pumping station located on Mill St. The pump station forces the waste to the sewer plant by way of two large pumps.

The sewer plant treats the water by simply separating the water from the waste. Through a process of lagoons, clarifiers, pumps and valves the waste settles out and is stored in a large holding cell til it can be hauled away to Delphos or Van Wert. The "clean" water is then sampled and tested by myself and Alloway Labs of Lima, before being discharged into the Little Auglaize River.

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Thank you,
Mike Wolfcale
Village Administrator

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