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Village of Middle Point
103 N. Adams St.
P.O.Box 191
Middle Point, Ohio 45863
Office: 419-968-2005
Fax: 419-968-2006
email: (village email)

Village Administrator: Mike Wolfcale
Office: 419-203-7108

Mayor: Mark Dickman
Home: 419-968-2637

Council President: Brenda Mengerink
Home: 419-968-3030
Council Member: Lisa Merkle
Home: 419-968-2409
Council Member: Jarret Hammons
Home: 419-968-2170
Council Member: Brian VanCleave
Home: 419-302-3625

Council Member: Cathie Miller
Home: 419-605-3544

Council Member: Amy Johns
Home: 419-203-1240




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